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Wellington wide, Fluid Systems offer a full Central Heating repair, maintenance and replacement service. Our Plumbers are experts in carrying out repairs, servicing and maintenance on all makes and models of heating appliances. This means that we are able to diagnose and repair problems with your heating system FAST and efficiently, saving you time and money.

We also specialise in new Central Heating installations ranging from underfloor to radiator and ducted heating. Experience the benefits and energy savings of central heating in your home.

  • Gas under floor heating
  • Manifold repair and replacement
  • System balancing
  • Radiators replaced
  • Hydronic Heating Repairs and Maintenance
  • Pump repair and replacement
  • Wall thermostats repaired and replaced
  • Thermostatic Radiator Valves
  • Heating and Hot Water Boiler Replacement
  • Specialist Power Flushing of system to remove grime
  • Radiators relocated
  • Expert fault diagnosis and repair
Underfloor Central Heating

Luxurious & Efficient In Floor Heating

Underfloor central heating is the most sumptuous type of warming as its radiating heat is equally disseminated all throughout the room —one end to the other, floor to roof—right where you feel it the most. It can also be controlled, making it an efficient central heating installation.

Hard floor surfaces are warm to the touch and with no air being blown around, and it is absolutely noiseless. Additionally, the framework is completely hidden from view, not at all like radiators or surface mounted heat pumps.

This adaptability from various heating mechanisms, combined with temperate running costs, makes it a perfect central heating choice for kiwis.

Radiator Central Heating

Efficient hydronic heating with style

Radiators give a responsive and adaptable warming alternative for both new and existing homes. They warm up and cool off rapidly, so are preferably suited to New Zealand's alterable climate conditions and the commonly bustling ways of life of New Zealanders. Radiators are well known the following benefits:

Healthy: There are no air drafts and the heat they emit is less damp.

Responsive: Turn them on when you require them and off when you don't, without waiting long for them to kick in. It typically just takes 10 minutes for them to warm up.

Safe: Radiators are awesome for youngsters, the elderly and pets - because they are safe to touch, with no open flames.

Controllable: All radiators are thermostatically controlled by thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), and can be switched off individually or as a system.

Stylish: They are available in an assortment of styles.

Heating Comparison

What is the most efficient way to heat your home?

Take a look at the below table for a simple comparison of heating options available.

Maintained & Installed With Care

Efficient & Transparent Central Heating

What are the benefits of hydronic heating over ducted heating?

Hydronic heating is cleaner, silent and draught free. A hydronic heating system will take a cold room to a comfortable temperature in around 15-30 minutes. There is no dust circulation that can trigger allergies or asthma. No more sore eyes, coughs or dry throats often caused by ducted heating systems.

Is it possible to have both panels and underfloor heating in the same system?

Yes, it is quite common to have a mix of panel and underfloor heating run off the same hydronic heating system. Often utilized for two storey homes, where underfloor heating is used to heat downstairs, with radiator panels upstairs.

Does hydronic heating make much noise?

No, it is a near silent form of keeping a building or room warm. Warm water is pumped from a boiler that is obscured at the side of the house or in a maintenance cupboard, placing the boiler directly outside a bedroom is not recommended.

How does hydronic heating work?

A hydronic heating system uses a boiler to heat water which is circulated by a pump through piping connected to radiator panels in each room, and is channelled back to the boiler for reheating. As heat gently transfers from the radiator panels, a programmable wall thermostat controls the temperature. Panels are warm within minutes and rooms comfortably warm in around fifteen to twenty minutes.

What makes hydronic heating so economical to operate?

A high-efficiency boiler is used to heat water which is then circulated throughout the system by a small pump. Each area can be individually controlled so only the required amount of heat is used. Our radiators are also rated to industry standard according to the area of the house in which they are placed; bedrooms are set to 18 degrees Celsius, hallways 20 degrees, bathrooms 23 degrees, and living areas at 21 degrees. This ensures a more comfortable and even spread of temperature across your home, allowing you to control the temperature of each room whilst saving energy.

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