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Flui Systems Wellington offer a full range of Gasfitting Services including installation, maintenance and repair. Our Wellington based Licensed Gasfitters can expertly help you with any requirement you have. Whether you have a big job or small, gas emergency or not our friendly team of Licensed Gas fitters are here to help.

With the latest safety equipment available to our Gas Plumbers we are here to help with all your Gas fitting requirements. Remember, if you smell gas, are experiencing abnormally high gas bills you should contact a Licensed Gasfitter immediately, call us on 027 558 8575.
  • Cooktop Installation
  • Ducted heating repair, maintenance and replacement
  • Gas Heater/Wall Furnace repair, maintenance and replacement
  • Gas Safety Checks
  • Gas oven/stove installation
  • Hydronic central heating repair, maintenance and replacement
  • Gas Leak Detection
  • Gas Appliance servicing, repair and replacement
  • Hot Water Service installation, repair and maintenance
  • Gas Fireplace repair and maintenance
  • Gas Line/Pipe installation, repair and maintenance
Smell gas in your home?

Leak Detection & Maintenance

We offer maintenance and repairs on all gas installations and appliances. If you are smelling gas around the home - there is a chance you may have a leak. We also carry out an annual gasfitting service; inspect, test and certification for gas installations and appliances.

Gas Kitchen Installations

Renovating or building a new kitchen and need gas?

Would you like to upgrade your appliances? Fluid System's Gas Fitting Wellington team can easily remove your old cook top and upgrade to the latest European model. The qualified technicians can even replace an electric cook top and install a new gas cook top for you.

Gas Hot Water

Hot Water Heating Installation

Fluid Systems gas hot water systems use gas to heat water only as you need it. Hot water never runs out and there are no bills for heating water you don’t require. Upgrade that old cylinder today!

The Fluid Systems team supply and install across the wider Wellington area, get in touch today to arrange a in-home visit and quote.

Maintained & Installed With Care

Efficient & Transparent Gasfitting

What does a gas leak smell like?

Leaking gas smells like rotten eggs, rotten cabbage, or sulphur. Natural gas and LPG are odourless and colourless in their natural state which is why an odorant, Ethyl Mercaptan, is added to the gas as a safety measure to make it easier to detect a leak. Any suspected gas leak needs to be investigated immediately and repaired by a licenced gas fitter. Our emergency gas plumber is on hand any time of the day and night for all your gas repairs.

Who can fix a gas leak?

A gas leak must be repaired by a licenced gas fitter or gas plumber to ensure the safe operation of the appliance or fitting, the safety of everyone using the building, and to adhere to insurance requirements.

Will a gas heater work without electricity?

It depends if your heater is pilot light controlled or electronic ignition controlled. Pilot light controlled gas heaters will continue to operate without electricity (those with a continuously lit pilot light), electronic ignition controlled heaters will not.

What is the difference between LPG and Natural Gas?

They are similar in terms of usage. However, LPG produces greater heat due to its higher calorific value. LPG is the same gas used in barbecues but it’s also used in space heaters, water heating systems, cookers and other applications.

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is generic name give to mixtures of hydrocarbons. LPG is mainly propane and butane stored in a liquid state. Natural gas is a hydrocarbon composed largely of methane.

Because LPG is stored in liquid form and is heavier than air, it tends to collect in low points. It is more difficult to disperse than natural gas, so more prone to catch fire or explode if a leak occurs.

Natural gas is lighter than air so disperses more easily if there is a leak.

How do I make sure my home and family are safe?

Carbon monoxide leaks are extremely dangerous, so have your appliances checked annually by a certifying gasfitter.

If you think your appliance has a leak or not working properly, give us a call.

Look out for signs there is a problem include unexplained headaches and nausea, shortness of breath, confusion, lazy yellow flames instead of blue ones, black marks or stains on or around the appliance.

Make sure there is adequate ventilation and the air vents are not blocked.

Gas Ovens and Cookware

Gas cooking is fast, controllable and efficient which is why most chefs worldwide use it. Gas cooking means you have instantaneous heat and precision temperature control. And if there is a power cut, no problem! There are many efficient and cost-effective options for gas ovens and cook tops in both domestic and commercial kitchens.

Hot water systems

Instantaneous hot water heaters are becoming popular and we can have yours installed completely in one day. We offer a range of models we can install for you depending on your needs.

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